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Teaching Center

The Golf Teaching Center offers Long Cove members the chance to enhance their golf game with state-of-the-art equipment and personal attention.

A separate teaching facility and designated Director of Instruction, Tim Cooke, is available to all members.

Member Adult Clinic Program Revamped for 2013!

The adult clinic program is receiving a significant facelift.  With the help of Assistant professionals Ben, Adam and Ben we will be “flipping the classroom”.  Clinics will continue to have a topic associated with each date; however, a video will be posted to the Club’s YouTube channel one week prior.  In the video I will describe the topic for the clinic and give instruction regarding that specific area of the game.  The clinic participants then have a week to practice and can arrive with questions.  With this system the instructor(s) will be able to spend more time with each student during the clinic due to the efficiency of giving the “lesson” ahead of time.  Also the students will be able to go back and view the video at any time after the clinic.

Women’s clinics (no longer divided to 9 and 18-hole groups) will now be held on most Thursday mornings at 10am.  Men’s clinics will be held on Wednesdays (1-2 men’s clinics each month will be offered).  The instructor-student ratio for clinics remains 4:1 with the pricing at $20 per player.

  • Tim Cooke in Golf Digest
    Long Cove Club's Director of Instruction, Tim Cooke, is featured in the August 2011 edition of Golf Digest. Tim, a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, wrote the Breaking 100/90/80 segment entitled "Imagine a Better Game". Tim was again selected to be a part of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teacher list for 2012-2013.  He was also a part of the group in 2010-2011
    Click here to read the article on-line.